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Pictures of this woman without hands and her lover shows how beautiful love is

Something about love is that it is unconcerned about a great many things, including those things that we may be concerned about. It is not concerned with our physical appearance, nor is it concerned with our mental state or the circumstance in which we are in.

No matter how good or bad you believe you are, there is always someone out there who is madly in love with you, someone who is willing to spend the rest of their lives with you, no matter who you are. Simply said, love is a lovely thing, and each and every one of us deserves to be loved.

My eyes were drawn to the photographs of this gorgeous lady, who has no hands and must rely on her legs to carry out all of her tasks. Her legs are used for everything from cooking to eating to painting to even applying cosmetics to herself.

Despite the fact that she has no hands, love has found her, and she appears to be very content with her partner. See more images in the gallery below.

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