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Blessing okoro replies man who said he wants to take her out, but he’s afraid she might reject him.


Blessing Nkiriku Okoro, also known as Blessing CEO, is a popular Instagram blogger and relationship expert who recently shared a screenshot of a message she received from someone who expressed interest in taking her out on a date but was concerned that she might reject him because of her social class. The man, who chose to remain anonymous, stated that he is aware that he does not meet her expectations, but he still wishes to take her out on a date with him anyway. 

Blessing, he continued, should take into consideration his predicament and accept his proposal despite the fact that he does not have access to a car. As part of his response to the message, Blessing informed the man that a car does not define a person, and that he should refrain from bringing himself down because he does not possess one. She then advised him to stop feeling sorry for himself because women prefer men who are full of ego and self-importance.. 

As Blessing went on to say, this is one of the reasons why she always advises me to discourage men from pursuing women who are above their pay grade because they will end up stressing themselves out while attempting to win her over. She went on to say that every man has a girl who can accommodate him without putting him under undue stress, and that there is no reason for men to put themselves under undue stress because of a relationship.


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