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A couple turned into a laughing stock after People noticed this on their wedding pictures.


In the 21st century couples now prefer to get married in front of a large crowd in a wedding ceremony. Wedding ceremonies are supposed to be joyful for the couple getting married as they get the chance to tell each other how much they love each other through vows exchange while they are putting the rings on each other's fingers.

However, in wedding ceremonies we get to witness all kinds of moments including the funniest ones and in this article I'm going to share with you the funniest I came across on Twitter.


As we all know, the streets of Twitter are always filled with much laughter and joy. A young Twitter user didn't disappoint his followers as he posted a picture of a South African couple who went for a photo shoot just outside the venue of where the wedding ceremony was hosted.

It appears that the wedding was a fantastic one as the husband was looking so stunning with his suit and the wife was so beautiful rocking her white dazzling wedding dress. The venue was well decorated as well with the chairs and table covered in white cloth which made the hall look so mesmerizing.

However all the effort of making the wedding so wonderful was then wasted as the husband was caught on camera doing the unbelievable. The husband was caught right handed peeking or looking under his wife's dresses which turned him into a laughing stock on Twitter last night. See the picture below :

It seems like the husband couldn't wait to get to honeymoon as he was way ahead of himself. Surely his actions even left the camera man shocked as he also saw what was under the dress however it is his wife and it's his wedding day so he has to enjoy it on his way.

This tweet received a lot of attention because the black Twitter PRESIDENT was seen in the comment section pulling the strings of trolling the husband. See how other people reacted to this tweet:

In my opinion I think that there was something which was troubling his wife down there or the grass was wet so he didn't want his wife's expensive white wedding dress to get muddy. What's your take about this matter? Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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