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"Lobola negotiations went well I married my person today" a man recently left Mzansi stunned

It is said that Lobola cannot be paid in full in one go, the groom's delegation will need to come again after the first negotiations to finish paying for their bride to be. Once the Lobola has been paid in full then the next step follows which is called Izibizo, which can happen on the day when lobola negotiations are concluded.

Every culture is different when it comes to lobola negotiations proceedings but most cultures follows the process mentioned above, surely you know something about this custom. A wonderful couple recently took to social media to share remarkable pictures from their lobola negotiations ceremony as the groom mentioned in his post that, "Lobola negotiations went well and i married the my person".

His post caught a lot of people's attention as many asked themselves if ever its possible to have a lobola negotiations ceremony and get married at the same time, others who saw their beautiful pictures congratulated them on their wonderful journey of love and life. What do you think of this beautiful occasion? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button.

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