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My boyfriend thinks everything is a joke but I want a life, not just a laugh

We have been together for 11 months and he has never said he loves me. He is 31 and has not had a girlfriend for 12 years. I am 26.

I met his parents for five minutes last month but have not met any of his friends. He knows every member of my family and all my mates.

He thinks making an effort means buying me a DVD occasionally. He treats everything as a wind-up. It annoys me as I want to have a nice time, not be made fun of.

When I try to discuss it, he gets offended. He cannot see anything wrong with making fun of me and not saying he loves me.

Perhaps he comes from a family that never showed emotions. But of course, this is hurtful and it sounds as though he has no idea how to have a loving relationship.

If he will not take notice of what I tell him, he is not right for me and is unlikely to change.

I would be better off looking further afield for someone who respects their partner’s feelings and can show they care.

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