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"I'm 25-years dating a 52-year lady girl, the problem is her son who is 36 years" a guy posted

A man fell in love with a 52-year-old man seeking advice on how to be a good stepfather to a 36-year-old son.

A man posted on Facebook saying that he is 25 years old and he is in love with a 52-year-old woman. He told people that they have been dating for a year now but the problem is that the women have a son. Her son is 36 years old as she got him while she was still young. The son doesn't want to accept him as his stepfather and respect the way he is supposed to. There are happy together and everyone can surely see that but the son doesn't want to accept their relationship. He is making it hard for them to love each other in peace.

He wants to show this son who is 35 years old that he is a man and he needs to be respected even though he is young by age. He went to Facebook to ask for help on how he can make him understand that he got a stepfather. He did continue saying he doesn't want to end up hitting him as you know kids these days have rights. He was to sit down with him and have a good conversation like a father and a son. People tried to advise him but then most of them were cruising his relationship.

Everyone knows that it is hard to find true love these days. This woman happened to find her soulmate at an old age. So their age gap doesn't determine their happiness. The young man is only trying to make a good relationship with this son. People who have been in such situations must try and advise him. A lot of people told him that he is too young to try and be a stepfather. No man will respect him the only thing he can do is to focus on his relationship.

Some people are feeling embarrassed about this. Those who know what to tell this young man can leave their comments below. We all know that true love is strong so no one can have the power to break their relationship as long as there are happy. People must try to celebrate with them so that they both leave happy. The woman who is 52 years old is not rich but leaving a normal life just like this young man. So this relationship is not about money but only pure love.

People were telling him that he need to be beaten so that he will learn to stay away from old people. If you have something to say drop your comment below don't forget to share the article on your social media. For more comments, you can open the link below and read them. Don't forget to follow the writer so that I can continue publishing news.

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