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Husband and wife relationship

For Men: 10 Signs That You Are A Good Husband And Father

Not every man can boast of being a good husband and father. There are many characteristics that make a good husband different from a good father. You are a better person if you can combine both qualities and make your family happy. Here are ten signs that you are a man, a decent husband and father.

 1. Your family is leading with you and your wife. She should be proud to bear your name and be called your wife. She does not fight to make her husband work.

 2. Your child needs to grow up to be like you because you are his standard and mentor. Your daughter wants to marry a man like you. You are her pillar and her measure of who she is.

 3. Your children feel covered, protected, guided, connected, understood, understood and empowered. They talk to their friends about you and feel that they can trust you.

 4. Other women want to have a husband like you, but you don't use it and you have a problem. You are an example to others and people say your family is blessed. You also protect your family from outside interference; Be it family, in-laws, friends or destroyers.

 5. Show the values ​​you want in your family. You say "sorry" because pride does not mean you are a bad example. You work hard but you stay with your family. You and your spouse look forward to coming home every day. Your home is full of love.

 6. Your wife is radiant, she looks like the woman you love, beautifully aged, happy and peaceful. It is ridiculous to think of dating. You are married to a friend, why do you cheat on your best friend? If your wife can remarry, she will say yes every day. You live with her, not because you have children or because she is in love with you.

 7. When things get tough you get up, you warrior in your family. You take the wife's belongings out of your home. Every woman is a materialist, she only needs the right man to bring that wife's side and wife's love into her.

 8. You have priority, your friends are no more than your wife or family. The sex life in your marriage does not hurt. Your wife has a strong sense of humor. Your greatest achievement is your successful marriage and family.

 9. Your wife feels safe, she should not fight for you with other women. She is a queen who sits firmly on her throne. When you make decisions, you consult with them and you love them as a group.

 10. As a child of God, God watches over you and delights in how you love and care for His daughter.

Content created and supplied by: Lobola_Upkeep (via Opera News )


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