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Reason why you will never find love.

The number 3 reason people can't find love is because they don't know how to determine who is compatible with them.

Having things in common is not the same as having compatible core values. Most people are only concerned with the list of qualities they expect from others. In many cases, they have no idea what the other person expects in return.

Also, the very things they want are not the things they offer. Do you really have the right to demand something that you cannot offer? For example, you want someone who is very smart and has traveled a lot and neither are you. By traveling, I don't mean taking a beach vacation.

Travelers immerse themselves in the culture of foreign countries. Most importantly, do an honest self-inventory. Look at yourself strictly. When you fully understand each other, it would be wise to find someone who matches the list you see in yourself.

The more you know yourself, the easier it becomes to find out who is actually compatible with you. However, if there is a huge gap between what you are offering and what you expect from another, use that knowledge to grow into the list you expect from the other.

Otherwise, you have no right to demand what you cannot offer. For the record, compatibility has more to do with family values. How do you manage the money? How do they handle conflict?

How do you manage your physical and mental health? Do you worry about physical and mental well-being? What is your attitude towards sex? How do you want to educate and discipline your children? These values ​​and more generally remain constant over the years or through good and bad times.

Some of you may doubt me. You may believe that you only need to love the same things. It's not enough. In Thomas Stanley's book The Millionaire Mind, he did a lot of research on affluent couples. He found it wasn't the money that kept them together. They were compatible values.

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