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A man hates his mother, read here

Having a relationship with a parents is every child's desire, having to run to your parents each time life knocks you down, or each time you need an advice is one blessing that one could ever get from God.

However, there are situations which compells people to cut ties with their families, even parents.

Though it's imperative to forgive those who wrong us, not only for them but for us in order to heal and find peace, because when you don't forgive, you carry a heavy cross alone which not only brings you sadness but also steals your happiness and peace.

A man shared a heartbreaking tweet about his mother and in his tweet, it's clear there's so much hurt his mother brought into his life that, he can't even see himself living a life with his mother in it.

Parent's hurt their children in the worst possible ways and still not apologize, yet expect their children to be okay with the treatment they give them.

"The level of anger,Hate, frustration I have against my mother is unmatched...I have forgiven her but I don't ever wanna see her again ever in my life", a tweet read

The man didn't get into details of what really happened between him and his mother but we can assume that, his mother left him broken for him not to ever want to see her.

Parents needs to learn how to treat their children like humans and have an understanding that, as much as they are parents ,they are sometimes very wrong and must learn to acknowledge their blunders and own up them before they find themselves losing their children.

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