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Divorce Affair

Craziest things people did after finding out their partners cheated

Discovering a partner has cheated on you can be devastating. You might feel hurt, angry, sad, or even physically sick. But above all, you might be wondering “Why?”

Some people get so angry in a way that they want to make you pay. Here are the craziest things people did after finding out they were cheated on.

A picture of bleached clothes was shared online and it was reported a woman bleached all of her boyfriend's clothes after she found out he cheated on her.

A man caught his woman sleeping peacefully with another man on their bed and instead of confronting them he decided to take a selfie. This had a lot of people wondering why would the lady bring her boyfriend at home instead of going to visit him.

A man found his girlfriend cheating and he attacked the boyfriend. The question is why does he fight the other man instead of talking to his partner because it is possible the guy did not know he was in the picture.

A man was caught cheating with a married woman, after the husband found them he tried running away but they held him outside.

An angry woman damaged her boyfriend's car because of heartbreak. This is not really worth it because at the end she is gonna be charged for damage of property.


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