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Divorce Affair

Mzansi Calling This Woman To Divorce Her Husband With Immediate Effect After He Did This To Her

Mzansi Is Left Disappointed By This Man After He Did This To His Wife In #Roxic 


Source: Hashtag #Roxic twitter page and SABC1 latest episode

This relationship or marriage is toxic, it was doomed to be failed marriage from the start. There is a thin line between loving someone with your wholeheartedly and being obsessed with someone. A husband says he loves his wife so much that if she doesn’t come back to him, he will kill himself. 

It's heartbreaking to see so many woman still living with abusive husband in the name of love. A man claim to love his wife that he even wrote to #Roxic seeking help.  

He claim that his wife is cheating because he does not want to loose her for another man. He wrote to the show because he want her back but he has forgotten all the bad things he has done to her. The guy has been beating the woman he claim to love. The worse part is that his even denying beating the woman with hammer. The woman even have all the proof and the message he has been sending. He has bee sending her rude messages, calling her bitch and sleeping with different man.

Even Dr Better was so speechless after hearing sad story of him. At first he believed him but forces to look at the side of the woman. This is a physical abuse. This man is watching his wife who has proof cry about her abusive experiences with him which involve a hammer. He has been burning her clothes and keeping her legal documents, and he’s denying it on national tv when she has a proof. 

He wants to kill her now, that's why he wants love back. This guy has a "if I can't have you, no one else will" kind of love, that's very dangerous of him to say. She must never go back to this man. The level of abuse here is beyond.

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