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(Opinion)Reasons men prefer certain ladies over others

The term 'slay queen' came to light just a few years ago,this was when girls started rocking expensive weaves, eyebrows and eyelashes,fake nails.One of the reasons why men would not be keen on approaching them was the fact that they looked way too high standard to date.This alluded to the fact that they would only be afforded by rich guys also known as blessers.

The whole slay queen era created an illusion that in order for a guy to get a nice girlfriend they would have to have money or else they would have to go for the usual normal girl from next door.From then onwards some girls started having standards because they felt like in order for a man to to date her he would have to between a certain salary bracket to get with her.

This phenomenon has propelled to a higher level which has placed males under pressure to always make cash and this has made some men go through ailments such as depression since some of them cannot keep up with that lifestyle.

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