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6 Things You Should Never Do On Your First Date

Before most relationships can be established, both parties involved might need to give out private details in order to ensure transparency and understanding. On your first date, it is usually what you do and how you behave that decides whether you have a chance with the woman/lady/girl you're trying to impress.

Any wrong action could lead to misunderstandings and may communicate the wrong information and your potential partner might start avoiding you. In order to make a good impression on your first date, there are certain things you should never do, and these actions include;

1. Giving negative vibes: Don't give off a negative vibe on your first date, wear things that will give you the confidence you need to make it through. Don't wear anything that makes you uncomfortable and try to be yourself.

2. Freaking Out: It's ok to be shy, but don't you ever freak out on your first date. After your preparation, take a walk around the place. This will help you calibrate your mind and make you anticipate excitement.

3. Get Distracted: If you are constantly distracted by your phone, it is a sign that you are disorganized and indisciplined. Get rid of anything that distracts you and be serious in order to get your partners full attention.

4. Order different type of food: If the first date is at a restaurant, order the same type of food and try to act like a real couple.

5. Revealing too much about yourself: If you tell her everything about you, her interest may diminish. For example, if she asks about your age, promise to reveal it on your birthday. This will get her more interested in the relationship and all curious. Sometimes giving off your age on the first date might scare your partner who may see you as too old or too little.

6. Turning it into an interview: Talk only about family, work, or school if you have nothing to say. Dating should be fun and not boring. Tell stories and make them laugh.

7. Never have sex on your first date. No matter how romantic it turned out, just don't. Learn to be patient and get to no more about your partner. Sex on first dates has led to many people contacting incurable sexually transmitted diseases. Abstain.

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