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5 Types of toxic friends you should avoid.

Friendships are one of the most beautiful part of our journey as people, and the good relationship with friends could make your life brighter and enjoyable. But since friends come in different sizes and shapes, these are the the 7 types of friends you should avoid:

1. The one who is manipulative , a manipulative friend will lead you into making decisions that are not suitable for you but only for them, which is not a good friend at all.

2. The one who is a liar , a lying friend can destroy a friendship, because lies are not good at all.

3. The Negative friend , that one friend that is always negative about everything is not good for a friendship, because they will always ruined some of the positive things in friendships

4. The judgemental friend , a fruit that is always judgemental is not a loving friend.

5. The one who always a victim , ever had a friend that is always a victim to everything or person, sometimes they will start a problem and then act like a victim, avoid such friend

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