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Sad: Lady Was Abandoned By Her Husband After She Gave Birth To A Child With This Condition (Photos)

A single mother has been struggling to take care of her 4 children after she got abandoned by her husband because she gave birth to a child with Down's syndrome. 34-year-old Natasha Musonda has had to take care of all four children by herself including her 3rd child who requires special treatment.

Reports say that the 3rd child named Williams, 11 was born with Down's syndrome, a disease that delays a child's mental and physical development along with increasing the child's susceptibility to health problems.

Natasha who reportedly married at the young age of 23 to the man of her dreams had her world shattered when he abandoned her with the kids, cutting off communication and financial support completely.

Reports say that the husband did not want to live with a child with Down's syndrome, so he abandoned them when he found out about the child's condition.

The mother of 4 from Zambia decided to move on when her husband left her. However, she later found a man who was interested in settling down with her but he ran away when he impregnated her with her 4th child.

Since there is no man to assist her in her life, Natasha has been forced to perform the duties of both a father and a mother. Although the doctors have advised that an operation should be carried out on Williams, she has not been able to gather the funds needed to carry it out.

She has vowed to take care of all her children, including Williams, as she won't allow him to be discriminated against by other people's views.


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