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Sandton lady set a standard for going on a date with someone who wears soccer jersey

It is revealed that ladies from Sandton don't want to be taken out for a date by a gent who is wearing a soccer jersey. The Liverpool FC jersey is the one in the middle of the matter, and people were defending that there is nothing wrong with wearing your favourite team jersey on a date. The price of a team jersey is expensive unless it is being bought from a cheap store.


The standard coming from Sandton is very surprising, as you will be intrigued. People have been against it because they love their soccer jerseys, and if you are seen wearing one, Sandton will not continue with the date because it does not meet their standards. Which means they are not getting attention from those they want.

But then people who are willing to take them for a date like to wear a soccer jersey. It may prove that guys from Sandton or any other expensive square mile, those guys are not up to their standard. It could be possible that they are looking for people whom they can't meet, and if it was not a problem, they would not be complaining about it.


With South African ladies who are living an expensive lifestyle as seen on social media, it has been very controversial and some of them are being accused of living a lifestyle they can't afford. If you are not having a problem with your lifestyle, then you can't be telling someone to change who they are wearing a soccer jersey to a date.

There is no perfect formula or a standard of clothes to actually wear when going on a date. With the African proverb, when you are choosing, it means you are not hungry. It is not possible all the time to both have someone you are happy about and have money. Because someone has money does not guarantee that your date will be perfect.


That is why some people end up breaking up their relationships or marriages because they were based on money, and now that you are not happy by getting along, it becomes a problem. Sometimes looking for money will not give you happiness with that person if you are from a different world and can't really connect.

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