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Divorce Affair

" I'm now convinced that every man cheats no matter what" A lady got people talking see comments

It appears that the cheating topic is the most discussed or texted about on social media, and people can't get enough of this word, making it easy for men to skip a day without these words.took to her social media platforms trying to expose men. Little did she know that it would end in tears for her. She went on to say she's convinced that every man cheats no matter what. People went in numbers in the comment section to totally disagree with these statements. Others were protecting themselves, while others were serving their men from being painted in the same colour as cheating men. Which could not be exposed like this, some gave reasons why there is a high rate of cheating in South Africa. Some men went on blaming their women for not giving them the attention they needed or the fact that they complained. Share your thoughts on this matter and don't forget to like and comment on this article.


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