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Divorce Affair

It ended in tears for a guy after sharing this on social media as things took a wrong turn for him

Things people do sometimes are painful. There's nothing painful like a man who doesn't respect their partners, what's the use of cheating on someone If you say you love them. What do you gain because at the end of the day you go back to the very same person you cheating on? Why is it so difficult for people to move on if they are no longer interested in someone but cheat on them instead?

A lot of relationships ended Iike it never started because some people decided to cheat on their partners, some people don't see anything wrong when it comes to cheating as they probably think it's cool or something. And some of them are not even ashamed to share this and to be honest it's humiliating to their partner.

A guy took to his social media account sharing a woman's underwear saying that his girlfriend found it in his pockets and send it to him, And now he doesn't know what to say to her.

This kind of thing are degrade people and sometimes it kills human self-esteem because they ask themselves questions like why is their partner cheating on them, what is it that this other person has that they don't have to push their partner to cheat on them.

Now a man is in trouble his busy on social media asking people for advice on what to do in this kind of situation because now the partner wants an explanation after she found underwear in his boyfriend's trousers.

It's unfortunate that when he started this whole thing he didn't invite anyone but now that he's caught his asking people for advice as he is scared to go home. And looking at the comments people on social media are not helping at all they are just making things worse.

Some people are telling him he shouldn't go home but his question is for how long, exactly for how long because he can't run away from this problem forever. That's the problem about cheating people say it's fun when you do it but as soon as you get caught all the fun disappears now you are left alone asking people what you should do. Don't create a problem you can't sort out when things go sideways.

If you are not happy I'm in a relationship just leave, why stay with someone who doesn't make you happy.

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