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5 Types Of Women You Should Not Date If You Want Peace Of Mind

Having the skills or the money to attract any woman doesn't mean you should date the ones who will take away your peace of mind. There are some women you should never date because they will break your heart and cause you pain. In this article, I'm going to share with you these types of women that you should avoid.

1. Attention addict: A type of woman who lives off the attention she receives from people. She posts photos every minute on social media to get likes and comments. She's the type to flirt and play with almost any guy she maybe meets not to date but to get validation. The problem with such a girl is that if you stop paying attention to her, she's going to look for someone who will. Such a woman will be on the phone 24/7, chatting and laughing with her male friends over the phone. You can never satisfy such a woman with your attention because she will always ask for more of your time and if you don't give her time there will be a problem.

2. The Greyhound: This type of girl is only interested in your money and nothing else. She's not interested in how good you are or how kind you are, but what you have to spend on her. She will only date you if you have a car and a good, well-paying job. Such a woman is usually very attractive and by the time you promise to do anything just to get her, you have fallen into the trap. She will ask for expensive gifts all the time and if you fail to provide her, the relationship will be hell. The solution is to stay away from such a woman.

3. The Woman Who Never Appreciates: As a man, you want a woman who compliments and appreciates you every now and then. This type of woman doesn't care what you do for her, she'll never like you. To her, she deserves everything she gets and there is no point in appreciating you. When a woman doesn't appreciate your efforts to make her happy, you will feel bad. The solution is to avoid it and find a woman who likes you.

4. The woman who gets angry every time: When things don't go as planned, she will get angry. Anger is a problem for a woman and when you try to calm her down she gets even more angry. There is no way you will find peace with such a woman for she will destroy your mental peace.

5. The Cheater: The best way to predict the future is to look at the past and the present. This is the woman who cheated on her ex-boyfriend and also cheated on you but apologized, promising never to do it again. If she did it with you and her ex, she will do it again, regardless of the excuse given. The solution is to avoid it.

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