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Divorce Affair

A Man Caught His Wife Cheating Several Times But He Never Gave Up On Her

A man has been living with his wife for three years now. They really loved each other and not a single time did they have rifts into their marriage. As they continued living together things started changing into their marriage as cases of cheating was putting their marriage on the verge of collapsing. This man loved his wife and he would always defend her even if she did a worse mistake most of the times. With this he said his wife had the freedom in their marriage and knew he would do nothing as her husband would just forgive her.

My wife took advantage of the fact that I was deafeningly quiet. Every time she did something wrong, I would talk to her nicely and try to work out what was bothering us. This continued on for a long period, causing his wife to make numerous unfaithful blunders. He even punished her for having some excellent romantic time with other guys within their house because she had been cheating for quite some time. He claimed that he never wanted to argue or fight with his wife, therefore he chose to be quiet most of the time.

He had to act as a man at some point when he discovered her cheating, and he fought her hard at the time. Despite this, they reconnected and continued to live together.

Would you get back with your partner after you caught her cheating. Leave your comments below.

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