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Husband and wife relationship

"I'm Pregnant & It is Not My Husband's Child, Please Advice"

A Twitter account by the name @naSkosana

came out to share a very shocking confession and needs advice. This confession doesn't come from the user but instead apparently comes from the users friend. The user let's us know this by letting people know that she got a call from a friend who is married by the way and the friend reveals that she is a pregnant but it is not for her husband. The friend then stresses the fact that she doesn't want to lose the marriage and so is thinking of aborting but this is against her religious beliefs. Here is the tweet below

Tweeps couldn't help but jump in by giving advise to the friend for her friend, which is what she is asking for. Some of the Tweeps were suggesting that she aborts the baby while majority were saying she should come clean and tell her husband as this is the consequence of her action. A small number of them were just angry at the fact that the friend is revealing dirty laundry. Here are some of the comments below

What is your your advice for people in this situation

Link to tweet

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