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‘She gave birth in my hands’ – Man who was told after 15 years a child wasn’t his cries out [video]

Many individuals regularly realize how to deal with cheating seeing someone. While some devise strategies to rebuff them, others simply up and leave. 

Nonetheless, not really many individuals realize how to deal with a duping accomplice, particularly when youngsters are involved. 

As of now moving via online media is an account of a found man his 15-year-old little girl not his. 

Calling into a program on Joy 99.7 FM, Godfred said when the lady was pregnant, he made a great deal of penances to be there for both her and the unborn child. 

"I took her [my wife] to the work ward, she even conveyed into my hands, I named the kid and everything," he described on the show. 

Nonetheless, 15 years in the wake of making such countless penances, Godfred's better half came to admit that the kid was never for and from that point forward, she has hindered all method for correspondence between Godfred. 

The devastated man utilized the event to exhort that DNA tests are performed even before kids a named and their introduction to the world testaments are made.


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