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Wedding planning scene

" Is this the new norm ": Mzansi not happy about how this young couple got married

In this kind of situation, it depends on what someone wants if they want something big and extravagant then that is good for them especially if it is something they can both afford. At the end of the day people want and prefer different things.

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On a Facebook post the user posted a picture of young couple tying the knot at home Affairs and captioned the pictures, asking the big question if this has become the new norm. South Africans then flooded the comment section with their opinions and their views on the matter.

About majority of them were not happy about how this young couple decided to have their marriage some asked what about the traditional wedding ceremonies or just a wedding event for friends and family?

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This is preferably for the couple who do not believe in ancestors, some would prefer to have lobola negotiations and have ancestral ceremony for the bride to be introduced formally to the groom's ancestors. Then later have the big wedding ceremony where friends and family come along to help them celebrate their love.

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At the end of the day marriage is all about two people who love each other dearly and want to spend the rest of their lives together. About our society is impressed buy big fancy weddings which at times can put a huge financial burden to the newly wedded couples. If you can afford to but then you have to go for it but there's no point in starting a life together in a dept for people.

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The important of marriage is all about the mutual agreement and understanding between the two. If the foundation is right how you get married is not important, it could be big or small the important thing is love and making it official by committing to each other hundred percent.


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