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Is It Possible For A Man To Be 100% Single?

Is it possible for a man to be 100% single? The last three exes told me they were single and I bought it. It didn't even take three months for me to know they have other girls besides me. Now when a guy tells he's single I automatically assume he's lying because of past experiences. Can they really be single single single?

Yeah it is. But unfortunately there's not a lot of ways to tell for sure other than taking his word for it. I'm even trying to think of something I can tell you but i know for sure that a guy can be 100% single. It just sucks that it's hard to really tell.

Not all guys, just don't go in blind. As much as you shouldn't bear the baggage of previous relationships into the present one, you must subtly investigate to draw up your own conclusion apart from what he tells you. Past Experiences are there to prevent us from a repetition of senseless mistakes.

Why do u hurry to this question,let me tell u some men are single but if he doesn't feel u like u do he will make sure to act taken,some are taken but if he loves u he will make sure he act single in your eyes until he decides otherwise..n guys if a man is not married he's single..take it or leave it, because even on every form u fill it always appear as single or married..not this single singleton that u guys are looking for.

In my opinion (I'm not a guy so), yeah there are guys who can be single single, but I think it's rare. Don't paint all guys with the same brush. Just because those three lied, it does not mean every guy that'll approach you will lie.

Good luck with finding a guy who's single single 

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