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She spent the weekend with her friends boyfriend while her friend cried about boyfriends ignorance

If you don’t trust someone just get rid of them. Some people see all the signs of someone being a snake in the grass and then ignore them because they doubt their own judgment, “oh this person hasn’t actually done anything so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt”. It isn’t until this person makes a move on your partner that you will see your feelings about them were correct. 

The person you usually share every detail about your relationship, can be the one who is out to destroy your relationship with your partner. This type of situation has happened to a lot of people out there and it is definitely heartbreaking. One tweep shared how a lady made out with their friend's boyfriend during the long weekend, while the friend was busy texting her about how her boyfriend is not answering her call and has decided to ghost her. 

One of the comments on this tweet stated that: "Someone once did this to me as well, i'm still shocked by the amount of hatred she carry in her heart 🤨🤨🤨..she even went to an extant of saying to Me ,"i will always have a soft spot for ur man". Some people don't have hearts out there, imagine the trauma that one has to go through after such an incident.

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