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6 Common Dreams You Ignore, But Shouldn't

It's possible that we can have the same dreams. Not precisely. I'm talking about items in a dream that cannot be ignored. However, there are little details sometimes in a dream that may hold deep meaning for the dream. For example, if you dream of eating corn, then it means that something beautiful is coming your way. It signifies great luck.

Now let's take a look at some dreams that might confuse you and explain what they really mean.

Number 1

Clean water. It could be a dam, river, ocean, or pool. If the water is clean, it symbolizes cleansing and purification. You might dream of taking a bath in an ocean. This means that you are starting over. You might have this kind of a dream after a break-up, after you resigned from work or after you have stopped talking to some people.

Number 2

Death. It does not mean that someone will die. It just means something will die. It could be something that is making your life a living hell. Something like depression, stress, or worry. This is a positive dream

Number 3

Fire. There are two meanings to this. It will depend on the dream that you are having and all the details. If you dream that you are burning something, then something that is bothering you is going away, and you will be free from it.

But dreaming of fire might also be negative. Here's an example; One time I had a dream that I was dating this girl I have a crush on. She was in my room. I went to buy a cold drink. When I came back, my place was burning. With her inside.

I asked for clarity from an elder. After telling him all the details, he explained to me that this means that this girl will get me in trouble. In this dream, fire represented rage from my ancestors. So sometimes it depends on how the dream went about.

Number 4

Being pregnant. This symbolizes major growth. It could mean growth in your business if you have one.

However, if you dream of someone pregnant, it means that person is talking about you a lot. More like gossiping, to be exact. And if you dream of someone else pregnant, it could be a stranger. Then someone in your family is pregnant or has impregnated someone.

Number 5

Being naked. This means that you are insecure about something. You probably lack self-confidence or suffer from low self-esteem.

It gets complicated. If you dream of yourself bathing outside or just naked outside, the meaning of the dream meaning will depend on how you were feeling. If you were naked and ashamed, trying to hide your privates, then a secret of yours will be exposed. But if you were confident, then you have nothing to worry about. It shows that you embrace your weaknesses, therefore, whatever people will find out about you, it will not affect your reputation.

Number 6

Falling. This is more like a warning. You will never have this dream if everything is well. You can only have this dream if you are slowly losing control of everything.

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