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"Be My Man For 1 Week And I Will Spend Money On You if You Can do This to Me Every Night" -Lady Says

To love and be loved by those who are dear to us is a beautiful experience. Normally, males initiate contact with women, but civilization has conditioned people to believe that women initiating contact with men are perfectly acceptable. It's only in the western world where they believe in gender equality that this is considered normal. In Africa, however, this impression is unheard of because it's not a part of our culture or tradition.

In Africa, women are increasingly showing that they are not hesitant to approach the males they want. Some women are now making public proposals to males, although traditionally, it has been the men who have done so. Some women don't give a rat's behind if a man is married or not; all they want is to be a wife and share a home with someone. Women in Africa are becoming more open to exploring their options because their numbers continue to rise faster than those of their male counterparts.

A stunning woman startled the public when she posted a message on social media encouraging men to make romantic proposals to her. "Who is ready to be my boyfriend for a week?" she asked in the caption of one of the photos she posted on Instagram. "If you can keep me happy every night, I'll spend money on you." This may seem unusual at first, but the lady was attempting to target guys who could satisfy her relationship requirements, not just any old male.

Although she published the article on Facebook, she did not include her contact information. Some people find it hard to imagine that a woman can be so bold as to consider making romantic attempts toward males while on the internet. Her vow to spend money on the lucky man was incredible, but not all men can satisfy her desire to be sexually satisfied for the rest of her life.

People's reactions to her post were as follows:

As we progress through modernization, things continue to spin on their heads. While it used to be a source of shame to do anything wrong, nowadays it is just accepted as the way things are. There is no need for us to continue to imitate the culture of the West when they do not imitate the culture of Africa. We must also understand that we are Africans with our traditions and culture.

Do you think it's ok for women to initiate contact first? You must voice your thoughts.

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