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Lady wearing a very short skirt in public caused a stir on social media

Things that people do in public just to get people's attention will shock you. We have people who choose to ignore people's feelings by doing wrong things. We understand that yes people have rights and no one has the right to tell anyone what to do with their body, but self-respect is important how you carry yourself in public is how people will treat you.

Just because you have rights doesn't mean you have to violate those rights, doing wrong things. because some dress codes will push and tempt people. You can't go to a mall or a public place wearing something that shows your private part and expect people to keep quiet and say nothing only because you claim that you have rights.

A guy took to her social media account to share a picture of a lady wearing a skirt that shows her bums at the back, looking at that picture you would swear she is wearing nothing underneath it.

The problem with such things is that people will be going to the police station saying they were raped, yes it's ok to wear whatever you want but you can't wear things that attract people's attention, to the point that they end up saying wrong words.

After seeing this video some people started saying she is probably one of those ladies who sell their bodies for a living and she was probably marketing herself she wanted clients by doing this.

She is probably not doing something like that but she was just out with her friends, but because of the way she is dressed people started judging her and you can't blame them because with that outfit she is giving people the wrong impression about herself, you can't go in public dressed like that and expect people to keep quiet and respect you.

Ladies, please respect yourself because it's not safe out there, women get stolen, raped, and killed almost every day. So don't give perpetrators the reason to do so by dressing inappropriately in public. Am not saying don't wear the clothes you love, clothes that are revealing but some clothes have a place where you can wear them.

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