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Husband and wife relationship

"Wear your husbands clothes." Challenge left people in stitches

People love to have fun and a good laugh on social media. There has been many fun challenges that have been done on social media just to make people laugh.

In a recent challenge that started on Facebook women were asked to wear their husbands' clothes so that people can see how they look like dressed like men.

A lot of took part in trying out the new challenge and a lot of people had a god laugh many women looked ridiculous in their husband's clothes while other women fit well into the clothes like they were born with them.

It seemed like women sometimes actually look good in men's clothes and some people even got confused if the people wearing thenm were actually men or women on the pictures.

Challenges like this are made simply to create humor amongst the people and they actually do make people laugh a lot. Take a good look at the pictures and see who wore their husband's clothes better.

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