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Husband and wife relationship

People fell in love with a man who wants to buy this gift for his sister

It has always been said that women are the most people who do not forget about their home when they succeed.

Some men might want to dispute this notion but it is the reality that we are surrounded by. We must remember that our sisters do not find themselves under pressure of saving up for building their own families. Even if they meet potential husbands, they are not affected financially because the husband is the one who has to pay Lobola, he is the one who needs to man an impression on her, and by that sisters have all the time and resources to take care of their siblings at home.

Today I saw a man revealing his thoughts on how he is planning to give back to the sister who did not give up on him, the sister who raised him from nothing to something and who gave him what he would not afford for himself.

A man called Tshepo Mashego says he will be buying a car for her sister when she celebrates her next birthday. He says her sister is a woman that was there for him even when he couldn’t be there for himself. She never gave up on him, even though all odds were against him. His sister is the one who held his hand all the way as they even lived together in tertiary.

Tshepo found himself being referred to as a barometer. A man who called him this says 'barometer' is the word he uses for every man who somehow managed to make it in life and never forgot where he comes from.

Someone said he is so proud of him for acknowledging and having gratitude. Some of us sacrificed so much for our siblings and nephews. He says they chose them over their marriages, but they did not get acknowledged.

There are many people who praise Tshepo for what he wants to do for his sister, and they wish him all the best.


I think what he wants to do is something that comes from the deepest portion of his heart. Buying a car for someone shows more than just gratitude. His sister will be happy and it will make her emotional.

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Tshepo Tshepo Mashego


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