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Kenya's Tallest Bride Recalls How Her Inlaws Rejected Her Due to Height

They have been married for less than a year and have two children. Because of Lilian's height, the pair caused quite a stir among Kenyans.

After their wedding images went viral, they became a social media sensation, and the majority of Kenyans were left with more questions than answers.

Lilian had recently ended her relationship with her ex-boyfriend when she met Mwangi, and she had made the decision not to fall in love with anybody again following the heartbreak.

The pair met at a wedding that both of them had attended, and it was during that event that Mwangi approached Lilian and asked for her contact information.

Mwangi claims that he made the decision to marry Lilian on the basis of their first meeting, but he had no idea that his family would reject her because of her height until after the wedding.

The fact that Lilian's in-laws were disinclined to marry her because of her height, she adds, did not concern her because her husband had already agreed to marry her.

Lilian and Mwangi claim that whenever they are together, people always seem to be staring at them, but that this has no effect on their relationship.

They also claim that, despite the fact that their families are opposed to them, they have chosen to live their own lives and are grateful that they have met.


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