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5 important qualities worth paying lobola for.

5 important qualities you need to see inorder to pay lobola for her.


Listen life is too short! Life is a swift thing , one minute you are getting born the next minute you are old and frail then you die so make the most out of the moment. 

Love is a beautiful thing. Love is a precious commodity like gold. When you find it , treasure it. 

You are not getting any younger dude , every day you are going and slowly but surely fading away so before all is gone make sure you don't go through this cold life alone . Find yourself a woman.

If you already have one then that's great now don't waste any further time do the right thing and propose to her , make it official.

It's not that simple though , but fear not this article is here to assist you on when to propose to her.

If the woman in your life or your crush displays the following 5 characteristics , quickly ask for her hand.....

5. Kindness

Nothing says l am a good wife material and a future great mother to your kids than a kind woman.

Kindness is the most beautiful characteristic a woman can have and you will never feel left out with a kind woman in your life. 

4. Listening.

A woman who listens to you is an amazing partner for she is knows exactly how to communicate with you and most importantly how to treat you. When a person listens to you it means they respect you , they value you and they deeply care for you that's why they listen to you because to them you matter.

3. Versatility.

A versatile woman is a hard-working woman filled with passion. This is a woman who keeps things interesting . A woman who is fun to be around and with her there is a never a dull moment and such a woman is a definite keeper.

She is a multi talented individual , a go getter , a doer , an explorer and she is very open minded . With such a woman in your life , you will be a very lucky man with his own 'Wonder woman'.

2. Balanced.

A well balanced woman in terms of how she manages and spends her time is a phenomenal woman to have in your life . 

This is a woman who is time consious and very organized. Since she is organised , your life will be organized too with her by your side and it doesn't get better than that.

1. Comfortability.

This is the most trait a woman of your dreams should display . When a woman is comfortable in her skin , she is authentic , realistic , happy and grateful . With those qualities , you have found yourself a soulmate.

It's easier for a person who loves themself to give love . A confident woman , is a very attractive woman for she has self love and she is a person who knows exactly who she is and such a person is easier to understand . 

Remember the less the insecurities , the better the attitude and optimism. So if she is comfortable with who she is , go ahead make her yours.

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