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Divorce Affair

Husband Divorces Wife During Honeymoon Because She Looks Different Without Make Up

Source: Nairaland

Despite the fact that make-up caused more injury than anything else, some ladies did not perform.

Making up is fine, but the point at which you have created an irrefutable up where your husband will not be able to recall you is when you have created an irrefutable up.

Clearly, the guy has never seen his other half without makeup, and he has no knowledge of any problems that have occurred as a result of this observation.

He continued by saying that they began their Honey after he married her and that he was puzzled as to why she showered so early in the morning.

He felt compelled to question the woman from time to time, such as, "Why couldn't you try and allow us to shower together?" On the list, we have the goal of expressing our affection.

This was the point at which I began to smell something fishy; the following morning, I wake her up and tell her I've been relaxing.

So she gets up to take a shower, and I just left it on, which meant I was sitting on the bed rather than relaxing until she returned to put on her maquila.

This is the look on her face that convinces me that she is a truly horrible young woman.

So when she appeared to be surprised, I had to take a closer look at her face, and that's when I saw her true face. That is where I first saw the type of person who would become my husband.

As a result, I asked her to accompany me out. I'm unable to leave the house. I'm unable to leave the house. She is a monster, she is a monster, she is a monster.

Who knows why she couldn't introduce herself in the manner that she does now. Ladies, please always present yourself in the manner that a guy who loves you would want you to be.

These are also her face painted, women, why are you living such a fictitious life?

I've told her to leave, but I'm still enraged. Should I go to her family and demand that she tell me how much money I've spent on that marriage?

If it's okay with you, please make me an offer to deal with the situation. What would you do if you were in my shoes? What would you say? I'm not going to get married to ooo again.

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