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Men always leave me after poking, lady expose the truth in front of a sangoma


When it comes to relationships women are very sensitive after seeing a partner for a couple of days, to them it is hard to admit that it is finally over. A lady wrote to a reputable source revealing her cry that men always leave her after poking.

She revealed that at first they promise her marriage but leave her without looking back after getting what they wanted. Dailysun took her to a sangoma were she was told that she has been cursed, and that person is actually blocking her ways. Sangoma said that there could be a high possibility that she has a Tokoloshi on her.

Sangoma told her that the Tokoloshi is causing man to never come back to her soon after playing a role in her life. Without a warning men starts leaving her without saying any goodbyes which has caused a burden into her life after getting children with different baby daddies.

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Dailysun Sangoma


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