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Check out some of the most beautiful Transgender women in South Africa.

Transgender people are part of the LGBTQ community and more and more are coming out and embracing their identity. As hard as it is being part of the LGBTQ community especially with regards to social norms, South Africa has become accepting to this community. South Africa for example became the first ever country in Africa to allow gay marriages. Currently in South Africa are allowed to change their gender on their birth certificate to a gender they now identify as.

So who is a transgender, well a transgender individual is a person who identifies themselves or their gender identity is opposite to the gender they were identified as at birth. For example if a baby was born male and identified as such at birth and now as an adult they identify as female vise versa.

Transgender women shared pictures of themselves on Twitter just Check out pictures of the most beautiful Transwomen in South Africa above and below.

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