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Remember the conjoined twins that were separated in 2006? They have become so beautiful (Photos)

Time moves at a breakneck pace. Despite the fact that they were born independently, two identical twin girls in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, were born with a fused body. Like many other couples in 2002, Jake and Erin Herrin were anticipating one of the happiest days of their lives. Erin's delivery came as a complete shock to the couple, who had been expecting two adorable sets of twins. Despite the fact that there were two births, they were both born with only two legs attached, which was a complete surprise. Most of the time, twins are four-legged and fused together in various parts of the body, such as the head or the abdomen, when they do occur. Rather than the two lovely ladies being reunited, what was amazing was the discovery that they shared the same organs, such as the abdomen, pelvic region, liver, kidneys, and the big intestine. However, she gave birth to two children instead of one, and this shows that she was about to give birth.

In spite of the dangers, their parents asked that the operation be performed so that they could continue to have different lives if they survived. Due to the fact that Maliyah's kidneys and other vital organs are housed within the body of her twin sibling, doctors say surgery on Maliyah would be futile and should be avoided altogether. Since Maliyah was in such grave peril after the operation, her odds of survival were exceedingly tiny. Even though she was willing to forgo a donated kidney if necessary, the mother insisted on the surgery being done.

This couple's two daughters are Kendra Deen and Maliyah Mae Heerin, and their last names are Herrin. In 2002, identical twins were born. Having identical twins is highly rare. According to statistics, one set of joint twins is born out of every 60,000 childbirths in the world on average. So, it's not a very common occurrence. There are a variety of other varieties of joint twins. Although some are stillborn, most die within 24 hours.

Kendra and Maliyah are joint twins, which is a very uncommon occurrence. In 2006, they were surgically divided into two groups. When they were born, it had been around four years. In their case, the four-year wait was necessary since they were too young to begin treatment.

Approximately 21 hours of labor were put in by seven different doctors and nurses. It took each of them a total of seven hours to put them back together again. Since she received all of the organs she had donated, Kendra recovered completely and quickly. However, Maliyah was extremely distraught since her kidney, which housed a relatively small number of organs, was particularly ill-equipped. Before she can benefit from her mother's kidney donation, Maliyah has to endure a year of pain and suffering. It was just two years after Maliyah received a kidney transplant that her body rejected the organ two years later. Fortunately, she was able to find a new kidney donor and have a successful transplant.

14 years after being cut off from the rest of the world, they have their own lives. They are free to follow their passions in any way they see fit since they have total freedom to do so.

Technology has advanced significantly throughout the years. It's nothing short of a miracle that they've made it this far. These stunning women can now live their lives as freely as everyone else. Training to walk with crutches is currently taking place for them. Their parents have now enrolled them in a school in order to help them get prosthetic limbs. You don't need to use crutches to go around when you're walking with these prosthetic legs.

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