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" You won't get pregnant, just drink water the baby will drown "

There are people who are funny by nature, and there are WhatsApp replies that you get from other people and decide to share with everyone especially if those replies are hilarious.There is a thread of hilarious WhatsApp conversions between couples and I couldn't stop laughing reading at them.

This conversation is very cold, I can never imagine how the person felt after such reply. It is pretty clear that a guy was asking a girl out but the girl wasn't interested and the guy decided to throw shade.

This is most hilarious reply a woman can get from a man after they've told them they are pregnant or thinking they might be pregnant. Even if you wanted to be angry with someone sending you this reply you can not help but laugh, some people really like to joke even in serious situations.

Can you imagine after sending a long deep paragraph to someone and they reply with just "cool", I would definitely feel embarrassed after this which is why I don't write paragraphs no matter how angry I am with someone, I like to avoid such embarassing moments.

This is definitely a new relationship, you know how when the relationship is fresh and you both love each other so much to the point where you stay all night talking to each other promising each other the future, this conversation is giving that vibe.

This is so hilarious, who on earth would ask out an ex Girlfriend's friend and tell her it's her time to shine, meaning she mustn't worry about the friend she must date him and shine like the previous girlfriend. This conversation is very funny.

Speaking about real Friendzone right on the spot, I cannot imagine the embarrassment the person felt after shooting their shot and got such reply.


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