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"I Made Dinner, My Boyfriend Is Going To Be Happy" A lady posted but people were not impressed

When you live in the same house as your boyfriend, it is important to ensure that food is ready before he comes home. With that being said, a lady took to social media with a picture showing off what she cooked for her boyfriend. The food consisted of chips and three pieces of chicken. Unfortunately, most people were not impressed by how uncooked the chicken was.

Some speculated that the lady was affected by loadshedding and thus could not finish cooking the chicken. Others mentioned that the boyfriend would probably break up with her after seeing the food she prepared for dinner.

There's a lot that people have had to say. Someone left a comment saying, "Put it in a microwave oven for 2 minutes." Another one said, "Have you ever heard of food poisoning?" See more reactions down below.

Share your thoughts on the comment section. What do you think about the lady's food and people's reactions overall?

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