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Divorce Affair

10 Reasons Of Why The Divorce Rate Is So High

24 September 2021

Report by T Ximba

If you have been looking forward to getting married and are quite hesitant about the unhappy afters of the marriage. It has become a norm that people host divorce parties. The good news is South Africa is one of the States with the lowest divorce rates, the last source showed that in South Africa the divorce rate is 17.6% from 23%, while in the USA it was 39% but lowered to 9.30%.

Here are the reasons why 50% of marriages end up in divorces.

1. Gender equality.

In counties where women earn relatively high salaries. Most men feel ashamed when the woman is earning a high salary. The research shows that most of the women who get a promotion at work are most likely to institute divorce. It is not just about finances but ego plays a big role in this case.

2. Status, biological clock, and money.

One of the reasons people get involved even in the relationship is the status their partners hold in society. There is even a saying that he who marries money earns it, but the question is what happens if the money runs out? Things get horribly bad after the money runs out which often lands the couple in the divorce.

3. Mama's boy.

How the parties to a marriage were raised also plays an important role in a marriage. Mama's boys are heavily influenced by their mommies, they don't fully take responsibility for their actions. Lastly, they are lazy. Imagine in a marriage with someone who drops socks near the washing machine, chicken bones all over the sink. Mommies boy always prioritize their mothers over their partners even if the decision is detrimental to their partners and that is the reason why the other party opts for divorce.

4. Couples Stop Trying.

Marriage is not just easy and cool as it may look from the outside. Just like a relationship, the partners do not always give 50:50 or 100:100 in terms of putting effort into making their relationship work even if they are going through hardships. When the couple is having problems they stop trying, this may lead to a partner feeling neglected and start looking for pleasure somewhere else.

5. More money, big problems

Partners are two different people, they have preferences as well different spending habits. While other people enjoy spending money others may enjoy saving it and growing it. While the other partner may enjoying spending now and then the other one may feel financial strains and opt for a divorce.

6. To have a baby or not have a baby

To have a baby or not have a baby may end a relationship in more ways. You may find that the other party wants a baby while the other one is not interested this may cause a conflict between the partners which often ends in divorce.

7. People assume that the marriage is a band-aid for an already broken relationship.

If two people before they entered into marriage had red flags and never addressed them then why would they hope that in marriage things will work out? It is best to work on a relationship before things can work out. It is best for partners to address their problems before entering into a relationship.

8. Finger pointing, blame gaming, and failure to take full responsibility?

Being blamed for everything that goes wrong does more harm than good to the relationship. If a partner feels blamed for everything that goes wrong there is more chance that the other partner will not try to meet the other one halfway because they are always blamed for everything. If you were in a relationship with someone and they always blame you, you would not tolerate a relationship right?

Apart from the poor communication, please share other things you think are the reason for the end of the marriage in a divorce.

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