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Woman comes clean about breastfeeding her boyfriend

Woman comes clean about breastfeeding her boyfriend

woman is to star in a documentary about how she started breastfeeding her boyfriend.

Lana Michaels says that she missed breastfeeding after having two children, and that it’s great foreplay.

Her story has been all over the UK press. According to the Mirror newspaperLana met her boyfriend Shawn through a vegan dating app.

She and Shawn are to appear in a documentary on the UK’s Channel 4 called “Breastfeeding my Boyfriend”.

She told the UK’s Sun: “I breastfed my children and I really missed breastfeeding and the feeling of it.”

The couple reportedly moved to Spain just before the Covid pandemic, and have pursued an open relationship. 

They say that they got the idea of adult breastfeeding after having a foursome with another married couple.

“I’d been sucking from another woman when I started feeling milk in my mouth. That burned up the sexual idea of breast milk connected with sex and it went from there,” Lana told the Sun.

She restarted her breast milk with herbal supplements.

It’s not clear whether Shawn’s desire for additional milk has anything to do with a vegan diet. 

Image source: TheSun.UK

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