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8 Things You Should Not Do To Impress A Girl

Women can be difficult to comprehend. Even if you think you've broken their code, you may find yourself perplexed once more. In this essay, we'll discuss the three things I feel you shouldn't do to impress a woman.

1. Don't brag about your financial situation.

When you first meet a lady, it's normal that you want to appear successful, productive, and capable of paying your own bills. It's a source of pride to be well compensated for what we do, especially given the amount of pressure society places on men in our sector.

2. Make it appear as if you have more in common with them by lying about their interests.

"Don't pretend to have watched a movie just because it's one of their favorites if you've never seen it before." When you're lying about anything like this, they can always tell.

3. Maintain your own point of view.

You should never lose your ability to speak. Women have the right to investigate and respond to your position, and you have the right to communicate your thoughts and feelings about life. The right to have one's own opinion is a basic human right. It's a window into your values and thoughts, so make sure you provide your potential spouse all the information they need to make an informed decision about you. If you dumb down your values to please a lady, you won't be able to properly appreciate where you stand on important topics.

4. Remove everyone from the premises.

It's a mystery to me why guys assume that cutting everyone out after meeting a girl will make their relationship more effective. Friends and family are an important element of who you are. Shutting people out won't guarantee a pleasant relationship with the female. It's really unlikely.

5. Do not oppose your parents:

Gentlemen, don't be brainwashed. You have the most valuable inheritance in the world in your parents. You've been with them since the moment you were born. It will reflect poorly on you if you turn on them for the sake of a girl. Always remember that you will become a parent at some point.

6. Do not engage in combat with other men.

When you're out together and a guy gets too aggressive with the woman you're with, it's possible that you'll get into an argument. Protecting her in such a situation is a good thing as long as it doesn't turn physical (if it does, call security or the cops; don't try to save the day!). It's a different story if she seems to be putting you against other men, including an ex (or two!). Avoid becoming engaged in situations like these. You're not going to win since she's playing games with you. If she wants you to compete with other guys to prove your love, she may not be mature enough for a serious relationship.

7. Keep your sense of self intact.

It's all too easy to become so wrapped up in attempting to win a girl's affections that you start imitating some of her hobbies. That's fine; it's not acceptable, though, to completely change who you are in order to please her dream boyfriend. It is essential for you to be your own person. If she is going to like you, it has to be for the right reasons. What good does it do you if she likes you for imaginary reasons? When it comes to love, you have to be yourself. Any female who is interested in you will value you for who you are.

8. Don't squander your money.

We've all seen it before, of course. Some people may even borrow money to make a girl they aren't married to happy. We've seen it all across the world, where men will go to tremendous lengths to commit horrific acts like robbery, drug trafficking, and so on... All with the intention of financially impressing women. It's important to remember that such love doesn't last long. Your money, which she has learned to expect from you, will vanish as soon as it is gone. One of the worst scenarios is for guys to engage in money rituals in order to impress girls. You should save aside some funds for the future. Don't make a lady your bank, either. Mind you, you're not going to get any money from her.

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