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PAINFUL: See What He Did After allegedly Killing His Wife. Stop Marrying in Community Of Property

One thing that is different about marriages in today's world is that they are not nearly as inspiring as marriages were in the past. Killings and hostilities are commonplace in today's marriages. It is even more frightening how people who made a commitment to love and defend each other eventually turn into enemies of each other and end up killing each other. Cheating and a desire for financial gain are the most common root causes of this problem. When we were younger, we listened to our parents when they cautioned us against getting married within a community of property because it would inevitably lead to unhappiness. Back then, we considered this advice to be standard practice. 

There is a tragic tale of killings that occurred as a result of the marriage of community of property, and it is told now. A well-known Venda businessman who owned a multi-million dollar security company was found dead alongside his wife. He had previously committed suicide. Edward Nelwondo, who owns a multi-million security company, reportedly ended his relationship with his wife, with whom he had been together for a number of years. The couple had been married for quite some time. 

After their relationship ended, he went on to marry another wife, with whom he had been seeing another woman for a period of six months before to the wedding. After some time had passed, he came to the conclusion that she is not the kind of woman he wished to become. They made the decision to get a divorce, only to find out that they were married in a community of property state, which means that they will have to divide everything he owns, including the multi-million dollar business, in half. 

When he found out that Edward couldn't handle it, he pulled out a gun, killed both his wife and himself, and then threw the gun away. It appears that Edward's decision to wed this woman was his worst error because he fell out of love with her far too quickly, and he couldn't stand the idea of her reaping the fruits of his labor when it came to their shared wealth. After this was shared on social media, many people are advising us to steer clear of groups that promote property marriage. 

Karma brought all of this on, in my opinion. People often say that marriage is not something that can be rushed into; before you can marry someone, you need to spend some time getting to know them. Edward was in such a hurry to wed this woman that he did not take the time to properly evaluate her. Because of this, the marriage did not have a happy ending and instead ended in tragedy. What are your thoughts on this matter? Should we say that Edward was right or wrong? What course of action would you recommend him take if you were in his shoes?


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