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After A Man Posted This Photo On Internet, See What People Were Saying

Everyone want to be liked and to lead a fulfilling existence. It's important to remember that not everyone gets married; some people choose to remain single while others choose to be in a relationship. Often, we just want to fit in, but we make poor decisions because of it. Other times, we make the right decisions and end up being content for the rest of our lives.

People have been amused by pictures of an odd couple that have been making the rounds on the internet. There are two pictures of the couple embracing, and a third picture shows them kissing while holding an alcoholic beverage. Most likely, these photographs were taken inside the man's apartment, and the woman is clearly on a visit to her partner. The relationship sparked a lot of interest, with many speculating that it wasn't real. According to reports, the man is taking advantage of the young woman because she is an American citizen and not a foreigner.

Some speculate that he is trying to marry her if they are not already married so that he can obtain permanent citizenship and then leave her when he does. Another commenter predicts sorrow for her when her husband abandons her and her children. While not everyone seeks the same outcomes, the majority of the time it is due to poverty. That's something I'm hoping doesn't happen in this story. Everything will be OK if it is only love, in which case there is nothing we can do.


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