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I am a 17-year-old girl and I have a secret relationship with my 52-year-old neighbor lady cries

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A 17 year old girl to social media to confessed to having a secret relationship with here next door neighbor who's 52 years of ago. The lady also revealed that she is in grade 9 and she is pregnant, she kept the relationship secret because she knows that her parents won't accept it, she is a minor this is raped. She made the confession anonymous so we don't really know this teen's identify.

Her 52 years old boyfriend has three daughters who are older then her,one of he daughter is twice her age 27 and the other two are 19,15 of age.

The lady wants to terminate the pregnancy but the man refuses, he even asked her to move out he will rent a room for her. He is even hiding her because he know that he will go to jail for rape because she is 17 years old .

In her exact words

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