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Tbose returns with good news from honeymoon, but why is his family not entirely happy? | Skeem Saam

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Thabo and Mapitsi Maputla had one of the most beautiful weddings and it made sense that after such a beautiful wedding with beautiful moments, the two would be off to a great honeymoon.

They have gone for a couple of days and it already feels like they have been gone for too long. Their son is missing them like crazy and there is no doubt that they miss him too. .Source: https//

It is really necessary to keep in mind that, although they served great wedding vibes, they do not really owe us any great marriage vibes. Now, this doesn't mean their marriage has to fall apart, instead it means there shouldn't be pressure on married couples from the public due to expectations.

John and Meikie are eagerly awaiting the return of their son and their daughter in law. They are aware that Thabo met with a certain boss of a specific company and that person offered him a job. When they got the news, they were not thrilled because his father said to him "... You are there on honeymoon, focus on that and enjoy it. Forget about work..."


On his return, Thabo will be coming back with some good news but his family won't be entirely happy about it. What do you think would make the Maputla family unhappy about the good news that their son is bringing?

Could it be that him and his wife have decided to move out and start their life as a married couple elsewhere and the Maputlas won't approve? or could it be that Thabo took that job offer and it is going to have him, his son and his wife move to a different province and the Maputlas won't approve still?

John is better... Knowing Meikie, she is going to be blaming Mapitsi for whatever decision that Thabo will make...Is this her way of telling us that she raised children that cannot make their own decisions in life?


Let's watch, wait and see!

While you're here check out some of the beautiful pictures from Thabo and Mapitsi Maputla's wedding. They are really as beautiful as we would like to see their marriage become.




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