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Oponion: Why most people are socially rejected

Social rejection happens to the most of us. Most people are being socially rejected because of who they are, for example you can be socially rejected because you are less outgoing, you like simple things and because you are less talkative. Social rejection is the main cause of many illnesses and disorders.

People are getting diagnosed with depression and anxiety and other mental health issues because of social rejection it causes you so much loneliness that you end up getting depressed and start having mental health problems. This happening because of the society that couldn't accept you as whole whether you have skin problems or skewed teeth and that makes you to have a low self esteem.

it is hard to try and live a happy life and accept yourself when other people still give you different looks. It makes you feel like you are delusional to think that you are fine as flawed as you are when people can't even accept you. Social rejection is becoming a pandemic to the youth, they can't go out anymore and have fun and as soon as they try to they feel isolated and are exposed to substance use as their peers seem to be having as their ideal of 'having fun'. social rejection starts as early as going to preschool having to meet new people from different backgrounds and with different experiences when it comes to making friends and keeping them. Social rejection is the primary source to mental health issues, depression and anxiety which they mature as you grow old.

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