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If You Are In A Relationship, Surround Yourself With People In Relationships.

Surround your marriage with other functional marriages. Marriage is like a plant; if you surround it with weeds it will eventually get choked, wither and die. Therefore plant your marriage among other well-maintained, well nurtured, and functional marriages. Marriage flourishes in a community of other strong marriages. Pray that your spouse will choose to surround himself or herself with marriage-minded people - people who will encourage him or her to be a better spouse - people who will build and not destroy your marriage. "Do not be misled: "Bad company corrupts good character." 1 Corinthians 15:33

It takes two to tangle, Tangle properly with your partner, Be in agreement with your spouse, the blessings attached to that can not be over emphasised. 


Most preachers today lay the responsibility of a good marriage on the womans shoulders alone beats my understanding.

This is a very powerful positive message the msg is not selective it is targeting both mother and father male or female if you like ,thank you it is indeed a good piece

Yes, many marriages were broken due where they were planted. They were surrounded by poisonous plants and destructive passersby, hence they couldn't stand firm.

Not always the case . ALL of our friends have been married 40 to 60 years . We were at 44 years when he cheated.

Always remember DIVORCE + remarriage = sexually filthy ADULTERY

Remember, the devil has BILLIONS of "excuses" for you to do his will and follow his plan for covenant, one flesh marriages and innocent little children's true God-given family.

Individual sexual behavior is a deeply personal choice that powerfully reveals the true character and eternal authenticity of the individual. It has NOTHING at all to do with their former, covenant spouse.

Functional as in, only been married once to one person, a scorned woman will give advice not on the current marriage but the past one.

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