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Opinion|| Why women are attracted to man with six pack

The admiration ladies have for men with the "six pack" is just overwhelming. Ladies fantasies over almost all every ripped dude with six pack.

Ladies, what attracts you to a man? Do you prefer a man with six pack? Men do you feel pressured to have six pack by ladies?

Fact: some women like more muscular guys and others don't. All women are different and are attracted to different things at different stages of their lives. There is nothing wrong with working out in the gym and building muscle if you enjoy it, but if the main reason you spend so much time in a gym is to impress women, then you are doing it wrong. Most women are more attracted to a guy's inner qualities such as, confidence,charisma, social intelligence,emotional masculinity, etc than his outer qualities.

Come to think of it ,if it was that easy to get such physique, why are only few guys with this fit stature.

Neither the less, people just get physically attracted to particular attributes for reason that have nothing to do with seeking a social term partner.

The ripped nature of a man's physique and defined cuts of his belly area, to them indicates male supremacy and physical strength. There is wide belief that man of such form possesses much strength.

This is only belief but not the truth. This could possibly be as a result of the difficult process involved in gaining such feature. Let's not forget some people naturally have such features.

Not every girl is attracted towards " six packs" in a man!! We do appreciate if a guy puts in effort towards physical fitness and it's vice versa with guys too.

There are other qualities which contributes to attraction. For instance a guy may have six packs but lack of intelligence/ humour is a define turn off! We also appreciate chivalry, sensitiveness towards others emotions, caring nature and so on.

So relax not all women are looking for six packs. However we do appreciate if a guy could atleast try to be fit. After all we are expected to look good all the time:)


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