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7 Things A Woman Should Never Say To Her Man

Ladies, there are some phrases you should never say to a man you love or regard to be your soul mate, especially if you are in a relationship with him. These remarks have the potential to be quite demoralizing. If you truly care about your boyfriend, you will never say or do anything that would harm his feelings. Instead, you will make an effort to encourage and adore him.

To keep your guy from being discouraged, here are the seven worst phrases you can say to your man in order to prevent demoralizing him:

1. "He was clearly superior than you."

It doesn't really matter if the damage is emotional, financial, or bodily. The most damaging thing a woman can say to a guy in order to undermine his self-esteem is to instill in his mind the notion that he lacks something.

"My ex-boyfriend was far superior to you. What was it about you that I liked? My parents were correct in their assessment of you."

This would send him into a downward spiral of self-doubt, which, let me tell you, is excruciatingly uncomfortable.

The instant you utter it, he is gone for good, for all time!

2. There is no such thing as a formalized euphemism ""You are not someone who can be trusted."

It is from the heart that a "guy" acts in the interest of a lady he is interested in or loves. However, if a lady ignores him, he will undoubtedly suffer. If a woman says to a guy, "you are not trustworthy," without understanding what the issue is, it destroys a man's heart.

3. "Your mother is appealing to me. But…”

Never put him in a position where he has to choose a side.

4. "He was a lot more comfortable in bed than you were."

With the exception of their father, any kind of comparison is made with a guy from their past.

5. "Thank you for accepting the dowry."

This comment, in my opinion, has the potential to destroy a man's self-esteem. This demonstrates that the lady does not have enough faith in the guy to provide for her and is forced to rely on presents from her relatives. In my opinion, saying anything like that to a man is the worst thing you can say to him.

6. "A piece of me will always be in love with you."

This is what a lady says to her lover before being married to the man of her parents' choosing.

Most concerning is that she made no attempt to persuade or inform her parents of the fact that she had dumped one person for another in favor of another. To the majority of guys, this phrase is demoralizing.

"Sure, you're a great man, but......"

Almost everything that starts off great and then gets interrupted with a "but" is a big turn off for males. Consider the following examples: I think you're cute, but... or I truly like you, but...

Please, ladies, put a stop to it. Don't bemoan the fact that there aren't any good guys around. So you'd rather date a guy who sl*ps you about than a guy who respects you? That's a lie to you, right? Who is it who lies to you and cheats on you? That makes fun of you and then laughs at your expense?

Please, ladies, keep these things in mind and refrain from expressing them to the man you care about.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!!

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