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Husband and wife relationship

Musa Mseleku's wife, MaNgwabe Become The Problem In #UthandoNesthembu. Here Is The Full Truth

Musa Mseleku's wife, MaNgwabe Become The Problem In #UthandoNesthembu. Here Is The Full Latest Truth

Source: Mzansi Magic Twitter page

Source: Hashtag #UthandoNesthembu

I'm not Relationship consultant but MaNgwabe (Mbali) No longer wants to be Mseleku wife. I think she has reach a Point of no Return and she can't hide it anymore. Musa refuse to see that hence he decided to ask his Wives to intervene in trying to change her mind. I mean what's the nonsense of wanting to "Bond" with her kids when she stay with them?

Bonding with kids is not my issue, it's how she disregard and doesn't care to meet Musa half way in any things that makes me thinks she is over him. I'm not questioning her motherhood choices, it's wife character that.

MaNgwabe was right, Mthombeni is the main problem...I judged her for nothing. The problem is the Musa is hiring the family to work for him as his employees. MaKhumalo's father is the driver and MaNgwabe's sister is also working for her. Maybe they wouldn't have this problem if they didn't employ family. MaNgwabe is putting her kids first and the is nothing wrong with that. If they’re expecting Mangwabe to compromise they should also do the same an by changing the driver otherwise they must let her be.

"As long as i am still alive, i will take all decisions about my children. Maybe when i am dead and buried things can be decided for them." -MaNgwabe

Also how can MaCele make such a big deal of MaNgwabe fetching her own kids whereas she lives in a whole separate suburb? So her not living in Mzumbe is not a problem but Mbali fetching her own kids is? Mseleku should take accountability regardless of who told who what happened. Bottom line is the kids got abused. MaNgwabe is right.

I feel like Mangwabe has tapped out of this sthembu a long time ago. She must just free herself. I see he's exhausted and depleted. It's just a matter of time before she snaps and tell him where to get off, I mean it's her Way or Noway of lately. And he is forever showing her with compliments and smiling whenever he speaks with her but she doesn't play ball xem.

I thought I was imagining things. Whenever Musa walks in she starts her mood swings just to stay out of the Bedroom. I mean she just want to sleep with her leggings and not be touched or bothered. I think she doesn't want to be expected to play her part in the bedroom as well she doesn't feel him. She just there for the sake of Marriage but her heart it's elsewhere.

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